By G.H.Ephron

Publishers Minotaur Books

This is the first book by G.H.Ephron that I read. I came to know about this author through 52 books in 52 weeks. Hallie Ephron and Donald Davidof are co-authors of G.H.Ephron series of Dr. Peter Zak books of psychological murder mysteries.

Dr.Peter Zak is called by his friend and former college sweetheart Dr.Channing to her home since she is worried about her seventeen year old daughter Olivia. Olivia seems like a disturbed teenager who despite her current psychiatric treatment does not seem to be making any improvement. Dr.Peter Zak is disturbed by Olivia’s mental state and is not convinced by her current method of treatment.

When Dr.Channing calls Dr. Zak once more to her office for a more formal consultation for her daughter, he lands up in her office only to find her dead with a bullet through her mouth and Olivia holding the gun. Theories abound about Dr.Channing’s depressed state, her professional enemies and her private life. Did she commit suicide? Was she murdered in her own office? This forms the rest of the book.

It was a fast paced book with quite a bit of psychology thrown in, without many jargons. However my interest started flagging towards the end of the book. It is worth a one-time read.

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